April Campout Plan

Date: April 8-10
Location: Piedmont Sports Complex- 5960 Old Piedmont Gadsden Hwy, Piedmont, AL 35222 (We are right next to the Chief Ladiga trail entrance).
Departure: We will leave Friday, at 4pm from the Scout House
Return: After breakfast on Sunday, hopefully back by 10 or 11

  • ➢  Friday dinner will be purchased on the road

  • ➢  Saturday breakfast will be cooked

  • ➢  Bring a sack lunch for Saturday lunch (Something that doesn't have to be refrigerated

    like a PB&J sandwich)

  • ➢  We will cook Saturday dinner

  • ➢  We will cook Sunday breakfast

    Description- We will have two bike rides on Saturday, one for the older scouts and one for the younger ones. The shorter trip will be 10 miles, 5 miles in and 5 miles out. The longer ride will be 20 miles long (10 in, 10 out), but can be lengthened as the group determines safe and appropriate.

    Weather- Fri night low is 37 degrees; Sat high is 55, low of 34. There is a small chance of rain so bring raincoats.
    What to Bring- Bike, helmet, a small backpack. A longer list of supplies is in the scout handbook.