January 22-23 2022 Campout Plan

The Pinhoti Trail

Departure: Gather at St. Luke’s on Saturday, January 22 at 8:00 am, plan to depart by 8:30 am.  Participants should have already eaten breakfast before arriving at St. Luke’s.  We expect to be at the trailhead by 10:00 am.


Location: Pinhoti Trail north of Cheaha State Park.  We will split up into two groups for the Saturday hike – Group A, which will hike northbound on the Pinhoti Trail from the Cheaha Trailhead for two miles to the Blue Creek Shelter; and Group B, which will hike southbound on the Pinhoti Trail from County Road 24 for 9.6 miles to the Blue Creek Shelter.  The Pinhoti Trail map indicates that there is a water source (creek) near the Shelter, and that the southbound route includes many creek crossings.  So water should not be an issue.  The 2 mile northbound route is moderate, with some ups and downs.  The 9.6 mile southbound route is moderate for the first 6 miles, and there is a 1,000 feet gain in altitude during the final 3.6 miles to the shelter.  On Sunday, both groups will hike south 2 miles to the Cheaha trailhead.  Group B is intended for the Philmont group as well as others looking for a challenging route.  Group A is ideal for younger Scouts with limited backpacking experience.  Those in Group A will have lots of time for advancement on Saturday afternoon after arriving at the Shelter.  This particular Shelter is large, with two levels!  There is no guarantee that the Shelter will be available to us to use, but hopefully Group A can arrive early afternoon and find an empty Shelter.  There are a number of places near the Shelter for tents, so we can camp there whether or not the Shelter is taken.


Meals – Saturday lunch and dinner; Sunday breakfast – by Patrols as usual.  Lunch can be cooked or a sack lunch.  Dinner and breakfast should be cooked.  Dinner needs to be backpacking appropriate, but must not be the normal Mountain House or similar prepackaged backpacking meals.  We will provide at the January 17 Troop meeting some suggested recipes for fun, delicious backpacking dinners.


Headcount – Scouts, please communicate with your Patrol Leaders this week about your participation (as well as your parents’ participation).  We need to know prior to the Troop Meeting who is planning on going.