Shooting Sports Campout (December 3-4)

Departure time: We will meet at St. Luke’s at 8, and plan to leave around 8:30.

Destination: We will drive up to the farm on Saturday. This will take around 1.5 hours. We will drive from the farm to CMP on Sunday. CMP is a 30 minute drive on the way back to Birmingham.

  • -  Farm: 111 Tyson Road, Ashland, AL

  • -  CMP: 4387 Turner Mill Rd. Talladega, AL

    Primary Activities: We will arrive at the farm/campsite around 10:00. Then, we will set up camp, play on the hay bails, probably watch football, run around, and do other fun farm activities! At night we will make a bonfire w/ s’mores and then go to sleep. Sunday morning we will eat breakfast, pack up, and hit the road to CMP. There, we will separate into two shooting groups. Group 1 will shoot rifles, meet up for a sack lunch with the other group, and then move to shotguns. Group 2 will do the opposite. After we have shot both rifles and shotguns, we will head back home.

    FYI: This is one of Mr. Hydenger’s good friend's farm. Please treat it as so, and be gracious he lets us use it every year! The lake is drained this year so sadly there will be no fishing :(

    Cooking Arrangements: The scouts will need to have eaten breakfast Saturday morning. We will cook lunch, dinner, and then Sunday breakfast at the campsite. Everyone will need to bring a sack lunch for Sunday afternoon at CMP. (Note: the sack lunch will have to last through the whole weekend, so don’t bring anything too fragile)

    Total: 3 cooked meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and 1 sack lunch

    Money: Every scout needs to bring $20 for range time at CMP. There will be vending machines for drinks and snacks as well.

    Return time: This may vary depending on how long we spend at CMP, but we will get home before dinner on Sunday.

    Additional Notes: All parents need to sign a Parental Consent Form in order for their scout to shoot. These were sent out through email and given out at the Nov. 28 meeting.

    If there are any questions, please email or